APN (Alcohol Policy Network for Europe)
Online survey among APN members
This survey aims at receiving your feedback on APN business.
Essentially APN aims to be a neutral platform for exchange and learning about alcohol policy developments in Europe. Currently we try to have one Symposium once a year.

Would you think that frequency is okay?

So far the agenda and the program of our Symposiums is made up by the Chair and the Secretariat in consultation with the Advisory Group of APN.

Would you think that is okay?

The advisory group of APN currently consists of 6 persons from governmental, non-governmental institutions, the research community, and young people. On our web-site you can find the names of the persons concerned.

Would you perhaps like to see any changes, and if so, which ones; or perhaps would you yourself be interested to become a member of the Advisory Group

In order to enable more communication between members we might set up a special page on our web-site or establish an APN Google group.

Would you think this is a good idea? And if so would you be willing to contribute to such an exchange platform?

So far APN is completely voluntary, has no funding and is not a legal identity.

Would you feel it would be a good idea to change this status and try to establish an association with members (you) and membership fees?

APN meeting is planned to take place in Edinburgh this year.

Would you like to propose some topics to be discussed?

Would you like to make a contribution?

Please let us have hereunder any other comments you would like to make on APN as an organization or on activities that you would like to see to be undertaken by APN

* Mandatory                        Thank you.